• Interviewee

    Sophie Aldred (Part 2)

  • Portrayed

    Dorothy ‘Ace’ Gale McShane in Doctor Who, 1987-89, 2022

Sophie studied drama at the University of Manchester and is well known for her work on programmes like Jackanory, Words & Pictures, Corners, Melvyn & Maureens’ Music-O-Grams, Tiny & Crew and ZZZap!

But to Doctor Who fans it’s her portrayal of ACE in the Sylvester McCoy era that will always be remembered … and in her first Myth Makers interview, filmed in 1991, she discussed this in detail.

So much has happened since then … Sophia has married and had children, she has reprised her role as ACE in The Power of the Doctor, Jodie Whitaker’s farewell story, which was chosen to celebrate the centenary anniversary of the BBC and transmitted on 23rd October 2022. Then, in Autumn 2023 she recorded Tales of the TARDIS with Sylvester McCoy for BBC iPlayer as part of Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary.

Sophie discusses this and so much more with her Doctor Sylvester McCoy in this unique interview recorded in front of an audience at Myth Makers Live 3, held at Whooverville 14 in 2023.

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