• Title

    Reverse the Polarity

  • Starring

    Jon Pertwee

In the 1990s, during the so-called Wilderness Years of Doctor Who, there was, in fact, a great deal going on! Fans were making up for the lack of a TV series and two, George Cairns and Liam Rudden, used Archangel Media to produce their own programmes!

Over a few short years they made three productions … Under the Hammer (the Bonham’s auction of Doctor Who props and costumes in May 1991), Reverse the Polarity (Jon Pertwee’s appearance at the Virgin Megastore in March 1992) and The Auction ’93 (a second auction filmed in July 1993).

Here, saved and remastered for a new generation of fans to enjoy, are all three productions … well not quite! In 1999 George and Liam re-edited and extended Reverse the Polarity, including a new interview with Richard Franklin … and this is the version we’ve included in this collection!

Plus! Whispering Angels - a brand-new interview with Liam and George to get the full story behind Archangel and the making of these, now priceless and classic, productions!

Technical details, RTP 0594

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