• Title

    Who is Tom Baker?

  • Starring

    Tom Baker
    Elisabeth Sladen
    Nicholas Courtney
    Matthew Waterhouse
    Terrance Dicks

“This is a fascinating documentary about Tom Baker. It’s unauthorised by the BBC.

The Doctor is everyone’s favourite Time Lord and Tom Baker is everyone’s favourite Doctor. With his manic grin, his wild hair and his mile-long scarf, Baker became the definitive Doctor. His wicked sense of humour and naturally gentle personality added whole new dimensions to the character.

This video includes a highly revealing interview with Baker that’s never before been seen on television or video. Margarita in hand, he soaks up the California sunshine and talks openly about his time as the Doctor. And with interviews with DW fans and experts, this video provides fascinating and original insights into both Tom Baker the actor and Tom Baker the Doctor.”

So read the text on the VHS release of this rare documentary in 1997. Roll on 25 years and Reeltime Pictures has managed to make it available to fans again, in a restored version worthy of DVD.

As well as Tom Baker, the documentary features interviews with Elisabeth Sladen, Nicholas Courtney, Matthew Waterhouse and Terrance Dicks … making it a truly unique production.

Special Feature: As a bonus, we’ve included a new short documentary The Why and Howe of Who, looking at how and why the video was made, featuring those involved, including director James Engwell and presented by Doctor Who historian David J Howe.

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