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    Novel Experiences: The Virgin Books Adventures

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Hosted by Robert Dick.

A celebration of Doctor Who novels during what is erroneously called “The Wilderness Years”, from 1989 to 2005, when Doctor Who wasn’t in production.

In Novel Experiences we find out that this time was in fact one of the most creative and innovative periods in Doctor Who’s history …

Filmed around the WHOOVERS event held at QUAD in Derby on the 13th May 2023.

The Virgin Books Adventures

Virgin Books began publishing The New Adventures (of the Seventh Doctor) in 1991 and this soon led to The Missing Adventures (featuring all the previous Doctors) in 1994. We talk to Editors Peter Darvill-Evans and Rebecca Levine plus a host of writers about the incredible cauldron of talent that created the most original and thought-provoking concepts ever to be pursued in Doctor Who folklore.

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