• Interviewee

    Ian Briggs

  • Position

    Writer for Doctor Who, 1987-1989

Ian Briggs studied drama at Manchester University and went on to work at the BBC Script Unit. It was there that he met Andrew Cartmel and, when Andrew became Script Editor on Doctor Who, he offered the opportunity to write for the programme.

After two attempts, his third script Dragonfire was accepted. This was followed by the classic The Curse of Fenric.

He novelised both stories for Target Books. He also contributed a short Doctor Who story The Celestial Harmony Engine to the anthology Short Trips: Defining Patterns published by Big Finish.

Ian also wrote Street Life for Casualty (also under the guidance of Cartmel) and Old Wounds for The Bill.

But Ian’s passion is working in theatre management and arts marketing and he has concentrated on that in the recent past and he’s still writing scripts!

Ian is interviewed by Robert Dick during Myth Makers Live 2, at The Colour House Theatre in London in 2023.

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