• Interviewee

    Annette Badland

  • Portrayed

    Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen in Doctor Who, 2005

Annette Badland is an award-winning actress, nominated for an Oliver for her role as Sadie in The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.

In theatre she has appeared for Sir Peter Hall’s Company, the RSC, The National Theatre, The Globe and The Royal Court … to name a very few.

Film highlights include Sisi and I, Last Day of Summer, A Quiet Passion, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Little Voice.

Possibly best known for her television work (including Eastenders, Midsomer Murders, Ted Lasoo, Jabberwocky, Outlander, Bergerac, Wizards vs Aliens and Cutting It), to Doctor Who fans she’ll be forever remembered for her role as the Raxarcoricofallapapatorian criminal Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen … not just or the name alone, but also for her incredible performance!

In this Myth Makers, Annette is interviewed by Robert Dick at Whooverville 12 held at QUAD in Derby.

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