• Interviewee

    Andrew Morgan

  • Position

    Director for Doctor Who, 1987-1988

After a period working as an actor and stage manager, Andrew Morgan joined BBC Television in 1967 and became a production manager in drama before becoming a freelance director in 1978. Since then he’s specialised in producing and directing drama for the BBC, ITV Companies and Independents in the UK and throughout Europe and Canada.

During a long and distinguished career, Andrew has won an Emmy and been awarded three BAFTA and two Royal Television Society nominations. He won a Gold Medal at the 31st Annual Film & TV Festival in New York.

To Doctor Who fans, Andrew is best known for directing two Sylvester McCoy stories, Time and the Rani and Remembrance of the Daleks.

In this Myth Makers, recorded at Whooverville 12, Andrew chats to both Sophie “Ace” Aldred and Robert Dick about his career and the challenges of working on Doctor Who!

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