• Interviewee

    John Black

  • Position

    Director for Doctor Who, 1981-1982

John Black started his career as a news reporter for Scottish Television, before moving south to BBC Newcastle as a current affairs director. After completing the BBC Director’s Course, he moved to BBC Drama Group. He directed two plays, Our Terry and You Talk Too Much, before going freelance.

During a distinguished career, John has directed episodes of Softly Softly, Coronation Street, Crown Court, The Bill … and Roland Rat! Plus single dramas The Thing Edge of the Wedge and Let’s Get It Together.

He’s directed numerous documentary, business and corporate productions (most notably for the Shell Film Unit) and was involved in the launch of Longman Video.

But for Doctor Who fans it’s The Keeper of Traken, Four to Doomsday and K9 & Company that he’s best known for … and Robert Dick has his questions ready!

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