• Interviewee

    Prentis Hancock

  • Portrayed

    Vaber, Salamar, Paul Morrow in Doctor Who, 1970s

Prentis Hancock was born on the 14th of May 1942 in Scotland. While studying Architecture he developed a love of theatre, working in a local amateur company Drama Workshop with Bill Bryden.

This led to more theatre roles and eventually to a prolific television and film career, with appearances in more dramas than it is possible to list!

To cult-tv fans, he’s best known for his roles in Doctor Who and for his regular parts, as Paul Morrow in Space 1999 (1973-1975), plus Arnold Mayer in Chocky’s Childern (1985) and Chocky’s Challenge (1986).

Using his own personal Tardis, Robert Dick caught up with Prentis at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society convention The Capitol III in April 2018.

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