• Interviewee

    Mike Tucker

  • Position

    Designer for Doctor Who, 1986-1989, 2005-2013

Mike Tucker started in the effects business in 1985, when he joined the BBC VFX Department as a holiday relief assistant. Thirty years later, he is now Director and Effects Supervisor of The Model Unit, a visual effects company based at Ealing Film Studios that specialises in miniature sequences for television and film.

Mike has been recognised twice by the BAFTA Craft awards. He was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy for his work on Dangerous Film’s ‘Human Body – Pushing the Limits’.

In this fascinating Myth Makers, Mike talks to Nick Briggs about his career, the changing world of Visual Effects and the amazing variety of film and television productions he has worked on, including Tomorrow’s World, Last of the Summer Wine, Top of the Pops, Galloping Galaxies, The Singing Detective, Raging Planet, Twister Week, Timewatch, Surviving Disaster, the feature film Atonement and, of course, Red Dwarf and Doctor Who!

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