• Title

    The Megeve Experiment

  • Starring

    Sophie Aldred
    Deborah Watling
    Christopher Barry
    Beverley Cressman

In July 2002, an experiment took place… two Doctor Who actors, Sophie Aldred and Deborah Watling, travelled to France with director Christopher Barry and tutor Beverley Cressman, on a trip to educate, instruct and entertain a group of fans.

During the following week six Doctor Who fans learnt how to use their own talents to act for the theatre and screen… and during the process they had a great deal of fun! The culmination was a dramatised rehearsal, directed by Christopher, where everyone got to perform in from of the camera and for the first time Victoria and Ace met!

Is this indeed Full Circle? Doctor Who professionals teaching fans how to act? Was this a successful experiment? You bet it was!

Technical details, RTP 0449

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