• Interviewee

    Sylvester McCoy

  • Portrayed

    Seventh Doctor in Doctor Who, 1987-1989, 1996

How can a personality like Sylvester McCoy be contained within the format of Myth Makers?

Point the camera at him and say ‘Action!’

During a non-stop trek around the location for the Doctor Who story Battlefield, Sylvester gives us a hysterical history tour of his life and career. As always, Nicholas Briggs is there to ask the questions – but this time he’s so enthralled by Sylvester’s incredible story that he has to rely on emergency questions supplied by his Ace production assistant Sophie Aldred!

And which famous, splendid, military fellow from Doctor Who awaits the team at journey’s end for a pint?

Find out in a production that’s every bit as entertaining and unpredictable as Sylvester McCoy himself!

Technical details, RTP 0360

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