• Interviewee

    Jan Chappell

  • Portrayed

    Cally in Blake’s 7, 1978-1981

Jan Chappell grew up in South London and trained at RADA, graduating with an honours diploma and the Kendal and Jenny Laird Prizes.

During her long and successful career, Blake’s 7 proved to be both an eventful and fortuitous casting… giving her valuable experience in a long-running drama series and helping her through the early years of bringing up her son, Sam.

Nicholas Briggs chats to JAN about her career before and after Blake’s 7 and her memories of working on the cult-tv series.

This Myth Makers was shot entirely at Quex Park, the location for the Blake’s 7 story BOUNTY… except when it was raining and everyone went indoors!

Technical details, RTP 0351

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