• Interviewee

    Elisabeth Sladen

  • Portrayed

    Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who, 1973-1976, 1983, 2006-201

This Myth Makers marks our fiftieth Doctor Who release and celebrates the life and work of an actress who portrayed one of the Doctor’s most popular assistants.

As Sarah-Jane Smith, an inquisitive and brash young freelance journalist, Elisabeth Sladen created a character that was both new and real, someone who captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

Over three years and eighteen stories she traveled with two Doctors and met countless alien monsters before finally deciding to remain on Earth at the conclusion of The Hand of Fear.

Recorded at the locations used for her very first story, The Time Warrior, Elisabeth talks to Nicholas Briggs about Doctor Who, her life, career and family in one of the most open, frank and revealing interviews she has ever given.

Directed by acclaimed Doctor Who director Christopher Barry, and with a surprise guest appearance, this is a truly unique Myth Makers.

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