• Interviewee

    Eric Saward

  • Position

    Script Editor for Doctor Who, 1982-1986

Eric Saward had a number of very different jobs, including teaching, before he found success as a writer in radio drama. To supplement his income he took various part-time jobs, including that of theatre electrician.

After making a name in radio, he was asked by Doctor Who script editor Christopher H. Bidmead to submit an idea for the series. This eventually led to Eric writing The Visitation and subsequently to him being appointed as Chris Bidmead’s successor, a post he held for five years.

While serving as script editor Eric also wrote three full-length stories, including the highly successful Earthshock and Revelation of the Daleks.

Since his departure from the series he has continued to pursue a career as a freelance writer, including developing new programme ideas.

In this Myth Makers, Nicholas Briggs chats to Eric about his time working on Doctor Who and the dramatic events that occurred off-camera as much as on!

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