• Interviewee

    Dudley Simpson

  • Position

    Musician for Doctor Who, 1964-1980

After many years as a successful conductor and musician in Australia, Dudley Simpson came to Britain to conduct at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

He started composing music for television in 1963 on a series called Moonstrike, which eventually led to his being asked by Mervyn Pinfield to compose for Doctor Who. The rest… as they say… is history!

Dudley became the composer for music in Doctor Who during the Jon Pertwee era. Working with The Radiophonic Workshop, he created a totally unique sound for the programme that made a huge contribution to its success.

In this Myth Makers, recorded at Dudley’s home in Australia, we find out why he moved into music for television and what it was like working on Doctor Who for over 20 years!

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