• Interviewee

    John Billingsley

  • Portrayed

    Dr. Phlox in Star Trek, 2001-2005

John Billingsley loves reading, good food, animals, the theatre and baseball (in particular the Seattle Mariners).

He’s also the actor who brought the eccentric Doctor Phlox in Enterprise to life... the only alien in a crew of inexperienced humans!

In this Myth Makers, shot on location at United Fan Con in America, we get a chance to meet the man behind the prosthetics… an experienced stage actor who made numerous television appearances before starring in The Pretender and The Others. Film credits include Crocodile Dundee in America, The Glass House and High Crimes.

We manage to catch John both on and off stage to find out about his childhood and how his career led him to the Enterprise… so to speak.

Another great Myth Makers featuring a truly entertaining and charming man.

Technical details, RTP 0279

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