• Interviewee

    Julie Caitlin Brown

  • Portrayed

    Na'Toth in Babylon 5, 1994-1998

Julie Caitlin Brown is an experienced and well-respected character actor based near Los Angeles in the USA.

To science fiction fans she is probably best known for her role as Na’Toth in Babylon 5, but she appeared as a guest star in numerous other TV series including B.L. Stryker, Star Trek (both in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine), JAG, Wolf, Renegade and Sliders… to mention just a few.

In this Myth Makers, Nicholas Briggs goes behind-the-scenes with Julie to discuss her roles in Babylon 5 and Star Trek, and he also discovers Julie is an extremely talented stage actor, writer, singer/songwriter and musician… a woman who definitely has more than one string to her bow!

Shot on location at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles, this Myth Makers also features tracks from Julie’s two CD’s Sheddin’ my Skin and Struck by Lightening.

A Myth Makers not to be missed!

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