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    Babcock Transformers

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Babcock Transformers were (and still are in a different form) one of those myriad of businesses that made up the Midlands powerhouse of industry.

This video was produced in 1989 and, as is often the case in business, we were put onto them by another client.

Babcock did one thing – make heavy transformers … and they did it well. It is a highly intensive and specialised production process and (as with all the business television we shot) I found it fascinating to see how it was done.

Babcock had a long history … they were called Woden originally, and I tried to convey a feeling of history in the opening sequence of the video.

This was a straightforward “corporate” video to explain the company’s business to interested parties and to show customers how they manufactured their products. Also the used of CAD (Computer Aided Design) which was beginning to take off in the 1980s.

An interesting production point is that I used Tom Baker for the voiceover. This was the first time I worked with him and it led directly to him filming a Myth Makers with us later in the year.

– Keith Barnfather

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