• Interviewee

    Michael Keating

  • Portrayed

    Vila in Blake’s 7, 1978-1981

Michael Keating’s multifaceted portrayal of Vila in Blake’s 7 was, and still is, a marvellous foil to the other more direct and sometimes ruthless characters in the series.

In this picturesque and colourful Myth Makers, shot at Winspit Quarry in Dorset (the location used for Mecron II in the Blake’s 7 episode Games), interviewer Robert Dick takes Michael on a tour round the location as they discuss Michael’s long career in theatre, film and television - including Doctor Who!

As well as holding the record of being the only cast member to appear in every episode, Michael’s association with the programme continues today, playing Vila in the Big Finish Blake’s 7 audio dramas!

A lot to talk about then as they ramble along…

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