• Title

    The PanoptiCon Tapes, Vol. 4

  • Starring

    Jon Pertwee
    Peter Davison
    Colin Baker
    Sylvester McCoy

Doctor Who has a devoted fan following who regularly meet at conventions to discuss, debate and sometimes argue over their favourite programme.

The Panopticon Tapes feature vintage highlights from Britain’s largest conventions which were originally organised by The Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) but are now run by Dominitemporal Services Ltd.

– 4. The JNT Years

Peter Davison and Colin Baker’s portrayals of the Doctor conceded with one of the most controversial periods of the programme’s history. Was the programme as good as it used to be… or just different? What did the production staff, both past and present, think?

However, you’ll see lots of other personalities from other eras as we stop along the way to look at particular aspects of the programme.

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