• Interviewee

    Peter Tuddenham

  • Portrayed

    Zen, Orac, Slave in Blake’s 7, 1978-1981

Peter Tuddenham is a unique subject in Myth Makers history, not only did he play three characters from a famous cult tv series… he was also never seen!

As the voices of Zen, Orac and Slave, he brought three computers to life, imbuing them with individual characters that made them come alive.

But what makes this Myth Makers even more unique is that Nicholas Briggs has been usurped! Taking his place as the host of this programme is none other than Orac himself.

It must be quite disconcerting for Peter, being quizzed about his life and career by his own creation… But like the true professional he is, Peter soldiers on!

A truly unique experience… don’t miss it!

Technical details, RTP 0298

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