• Interviewee

    Raymond E. Feist

  • Position

    Author for The Riftwar Cycle,

Guest of Honour at FantasyCon 1999, Raymond E. Feist is one of the world's foremost fantasy authors.

His first novel Magician became an instant best seller and introduced us to war-torn Midkemia. Originally created as a role-play game, Ray has now written fourteen more novels chronicling events on this turbulent world.

For the first time on video, Ray discusses his childhood, life and career before becoming an author and just how it all came about. What advise does he have for new writers and what dreams and plans does he have for the future?

Shot in and around the weekend’s events and including many rare book covers, this will be a marvellous souvenir of FantasyCon and a fascinating insight into the mind of Raymond E. Feist...a true collector's item!

This new series of Myth Makers is hosted by writer and actor Nicholas Briggs and is a spin-off from the highly successful Myth Makers interviews with the stars of BBCtv’s Doctor Who.

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