• Interviewee

    Deborah Watling

  • Portrayed

    Victoria Waterfield in Doctor Who, 1967-1968

Deborah Watling portrayed Victoria Waterfield during Patrick Troughton’s tenure as The Doctor. Famous for the practical jokes that went on behind the cameras, this era produced some classic Doctor Who stories and Victoria became one of the most popular of the Doctor’s companions.

This Myth Makers features material shot at Monstercon in Liverpool in 1985, together with an interview recorded on location during the shooting of Downtime, the Doctor Who spin-off drama, in which Deborah re-created the part of Victoria after more than twenty five years!

Deborah and her late father, Jack Watling (Professor Travers) chat to Nicholas Briggs about working together again and we feature unique behind-the-scenes material from Downtime.

And, of course, there’s the odd Yeti around!

Technical details, RTP 0133

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